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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Hospitals and health care providers increasingly need to be managed as enterprises focusing on efficiency, quality of service and cost management. Western Sydney Local Health District ( WSLHD ) has deployed technology solutions to deliver integrated data management and patient care solutions across functional areas of the business.

Ongoing developments in technology offer abundant prospects for developing new approaches to the delivery of health care management and services, with potential benefits for both the enterprise, clinician and patient. Technologies never applied in healthcare previously, offer the opportunity to streamline business processes and deliver required information seamlessly at the point of care.

WSLHD is aware of the potential which emerging, new and current technologies offer to improve the delivery of heath care services. The AIMSi Research and Innovation Centre in Health (RICH) is a strategic project designed to explore, research, test, develop and apply current and new technologies to patient care.

The role of AIMSi RICH is to facilitate, manage, promote and bring to market, contributions or potential contributions that are being made or proposed through research, innovation, technology and business intelligence to primarily improve health care.

AIMSi RICH provides a dedicated and managed clinical hospital environment opportunity in which technology applications can be investigated in the context of their application to real life health care scenario’s with the aim of improving the delivery of health care services. AIMSi RICH provides an environment in which effective application of technologies can be safely undertaken and trialled by clinicians in actual hospital scenario’s; and then apply the successful new solutions to assist in business process improvement and enhanced patient service delivery.

Technology applications can arise from within WSLHD or the Ministry of Health as host organizations, from other health services or from third party organizations.

The AIMSI Research and Innovation Centre in Health has five core activities

  • Creation and development of new WSLHD innovations by WSLHD staff
  • Adaptive and re-engineering of existing innovations in the marketplace based on the results of testing them in the applied WSLHD clinical environment
  • Product evaluation and testing on behalf of other organizations
  • WSLHD in-house business process re-engineering
  • Clinical consulting by WSLHD staff to assist development of innovations by the private sector.

RICH is not a channel to market for commercialised healthcare goods and services. Rather, the output from RICH is a professional evaluation report which outlines the suitability of the technology for clinical application within WSLHD or elsewhere. The role of RICH is not to implement an innovation or a technology into an operational clinical environment as this is the role of a purchasing or technology adoption department within an operational hospital. The scope of RICH explicitly excludes such operational and corporate planning activities.

The tangible and intangible benefits of RICH have the potential to not only benefit WSLHD as an organization, but to benefit other organizations within and external to NSW Health, through innovative improvements to the delivery services across the health care sector.

The AIMSI Medical Simulation Centre and Clinical Skills Centre are seamlessly connected to the AIMSI Research and Innovation Centre in Health and any innovation projects consider how all AIMSi Centres can be involved, contribute and participate.