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Wednesday, 21 February 2018
About us

The Australian Institute of Medical Simulation and Innovation
is governed by:
A Management Committee
An Executive Director for each of the Three Centres
AIMSi is governed by an overarching steering committee, which has responsibility for strategy, direction, planning and overall financial performance. The steering committee currently meets monthly. The Committee is comprised of the heads of each AIMSi Centre and others, as invited.
The Management Committee is responsible for strategic direction
and its members are:
Assoc. Professor Graham Reece - Director of AIMSi Medical Simulation Centre and Chairman of AIMSi Steering Committee
Ms Parvin Handal - Director, AIMSi RICH
Assoc. Professor Peter Zelas - Director, AIMSi Clinical Skills Centre
Mr Andrew Newton - General Manager of BMDH
Dr Deborah Kuchler - Business Development Advisor
HETI Representative - To be appointed

The Committee Chairman, Assoc. Professor Graham Reece
is head of the Blacktown Intensive Care Unit.

Associate Professor Graham Reece heads AIMSi Medical Simulation Centre with the centre being supported by a Centre Manager and other staff. A core group of instructors has been trained, executing simulation courses in concert with the Clinical Advisory Group ( selected for their specialised expertise and educational experience, across a range of major clinical disciplines). Ms Parvin Handel heads the AIMSi Research and Innovation Centre (RICH). Assoc.Professor Peter Zelas heads the AIMSi Clinical Skills Centre with teaching staff recruited as needed.
The Executive Directors of each of the AIMSI Centres are:
AIMSi Medical Simulation Centre
Professor Graham Reece
AIMSi Research and Innovation Centre
Ms Parvin Handel - Parvin.Handel@aimsi.org.au
AIMSi Clinical Skills Centre
Professor Peter Zelas - Peter.Zelas@aimsi.org.au