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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Closely aligned with the other AIMSi Centres is the AIMSi Clinical Skills Centre operated by the University of Western Sydney in association with the Western Sydney Local Health District.

The Clinical Skills Centre offers practical and fundamental clinical skills training to medical undergraduates from the medical student faculty. The Centre is operated using resources supplied by the University of Western Sydney.

Both the Western Sydney Local Health District and the University of Western Sydney subscribe to the philosophy of educating health professionals and recognise the importance of practical clinical experience in this area, and recognize that
  • A primary role of the Health Service is to provide health services in a safe and appropriate manner
  • A primary role of the University is education and research
Both parties have responsibility for education and research and to support the development of a sustainable medical workforce that includes the education and training of undergraduate students.

Each party recognises the mutual benefits of the association in improving the quality of care, health service delivery and medical workforce and in promoting the quality of medical education and academic and research opportunities.