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Wednesday, 21 February 2018
Corporate Sponsors

NSW Health Sponsorship Policy
Sponsorship is a useful and potentially beneficial mechanism that reinforces and enhances NSW Health business activities. Across the health system cash and in-kind sponsorships have been used for some time to support a range of activities that are inline with NSW Health strategic directions.
The NSW Health Sponsorship Policy has been developed to ensure that NSW Health organisations respond in a consistent and ethical way to seeking and granting sponsorships. It recommends that each organisation methodically approach sponsorships by identifying potential opportunities, preparing sponsorship plans, seeking approval dependent on level of commitment, formally confirming arrangements and monitoring and evaluating partnerships to maximise benefits and protect public confidence.
This policy was developed by the NSW Health Sponsorship Committee, in consultation with all Area Health Services, ICAC and the Audit Office of NSW.

Click here to download the 23 page document (pdf 217 KB).
Also available at: www.health.nsw.gov.au/policies/PD/2005/pdf/PD2005_415.pdf

Key points of the NSW Health Sponsorship Policy are:
a. 13 principles of entering into sponsorship arrangements that needs to be considered.
b. Sponsorships under $10,000 written agreement (between parties) can constitute an
exchange of letters signed by the CE or delegated officer.
c. Sponsorships over $10,000 require a formal contract between NSW Health and the