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The Australian Institute of Medical Simulation and Innovation (AIMSi) is a hospital based facility dedicated to improving the quality and safety of health care by delivering applied healthcare training and innovative products and processes. AIMSi is the governance organization for three inter-related centres ( click on ):


The AIMSi facility is based at Blacktown-Mt Druitt Hospital within the Western Sydney Local Health District (Australia) with operational outreach nationally, internationally and virtually. The facility offers training and innovation development partnerships to any person or organization that finds its services beneficial to improving patient care. The facility opened in August 2010 as a unit of the Western Sydney Local Health District ( WSLHD ) and in partnership with the University of Western Sydney for which Blacktown-Mt Druitt hospital is a medical teaching hospital.

The facility is a WSLHD flagship project for improving patient care through achieving excellence in medical simulation and education, easier access to clinical skills training and the development and testing of medical innovations in an operational clinical environment.

Australian Institute of Medical Simulation and Innovation
A Facility of Western Sydney Local Health District
Blacktown Hospital, Blacktown - New South Wales - 2148 - Australia
02 9881 7963
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